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Ever stop and wonder how these mass scale Shopping Centres – the Westfields, David Jones, Myers, Targets and Kmarts all stay so clean, neat and pristine – given there’s thousands of people sweeping through their floors every day?

According to the Shopping Centre Council of Australia, our busy malls equate to around 22 million sqm of shopping space, that’s almost a 1sqm dedicated space for every person in Australia. And that’s a huge amount of floorspace to keep sparkling, and walls and windows to keep spotless!

Not only do we look after the cleaning and waste management for a whole host of private commercial, corporate and industrial customers, we also manage services for large shopping malls, schools and nursing homes with mass floor-plans and capacities.

If you’re in Shopping Centre management and seeking trustworthy contractors for cleaning, waste management, and bathroom supplies – work with an ‘always local’ company whose values and vision aligns with yours, and who can match your scale and needs with ease. We can provide commercial cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and elsewhere

We’d love to speak with you about making your life easier and giving your patrons the most favourable experience of your spaces. Call 1300 857 671 to arrange a meeting with our friendly team at MSR Services.

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At MSR Services, we keep your property clean all year round, so you can focus on your business. We also provide a range of other services like waste management and bathroom supplies to make your life easier.

See our services to find out more about what we do.

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